Community Minecraft Survival Server


IP Address: mc.n3s.co

Minecraft Version: Java Edition, 1.15.2

The Nerd³ Community Anarchy Minecraft server is here to keep you occupied while you're locked away at home. The rules are a more relaxed than before, so be extra careful around other players!

The server will be up a few weeks as needed, after which the world will be made available for you to download.


  1. Be respectful to other users. No abusive messages in chat! No racism, sexism or discrimination of any kind. Arguments must happen in /msg, any arguments in public chat will lead to mutes! This includes staff, as they should not be abusive. Report staff breaking rules to lolPants or DerpyChap.
  2. Use /helpop to contact staff if you need to report rude behaviour. However do not contact staff unnecessarily, and ask for a moderator, not a specific person, if possible.
  3. No building of genitalia or anything overly rude. Do not build lag machines to slow down the server. Griefing is allowed along with the killing of other players.
  4. Any form of hacking or cheating will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, x-ray hacks, speed hacks and flying hacks.
  5. Do not backseat moderate. Staff know what they are doing. This rule includes calling people out in public chat for breaking rules. Use /helpop to report them.
  6. Do not spam chat. This includes repeated caps spam.
  7. Do not post any unsolicited advertising anywhere (chat or signs).
  8. Do not post any links which are NSFW (not safe for work), malicious or illegal.
  9. Staff reserve the right to kick, mute and ban players if they deem something to be worthy. This includes anything posted in chat or out of game. The content does not need to be directly listed in the rules.

Ban Appeals

Due to the more lax rules and short timespan this server will be up, we will not be accepting any ban appeals.